IO/Finance Reading Group

Dates Time Papers Speakers
12-Aug 9am-10am (central) Price discrimination and mortgage choice (by Jamie Coen, Anil Kashyap and May Rostom) Jonathan Becker
9-Sep 12pm-1pm (central) Bank, Risk, and Retained Interests in Securitization Yuteng Cheng
16-Sep 12pm-1pm (central) Concentration, Markups, and Aggregate Volatility Duong Dang
23-Sep 12pm-1pm (central) Banks, Low Interest Rates, and Monetary Policy Transmission (Olivier Wang) Phil Coyle
30-Sep 12pm-1pm (central) TBA Anna Trubnikova
7-Oct 12pm-1pm (central) Quantity Commitments in Multiunit Auctions: Evidence From Credit Event Auctions Eric Richert
14-Oct 12pm-1pm (central) Dynamic Pricing Regulation and Welfare in Insurance Markets (with Ami Ko) Naoki Aizawa
21-Oct 12pm-1pm (central) Dynamic strategic corporate finance: A tug of war with financial frictions (Doraszelski et al.) Shilong Sun and Michael Nattinger
28-Oct 12pm-1pm (central)
4-Nov 12pm-1pm (central) Price Regulation in Credit Markets: A Trade-off between Consumer Protection and Credit Access (Cuesta and Sepulveda) Greg Kirwin
11-Nov 12pm-1pm (central) What does FinTech Contribute to Small Business Lending? Mark Johnson (BYU)
18-Nov 12pm-1pm (central)
25-Nov 12pm-1pm (central)
2-Dec 12pm-1pm (central)
9-Dec 12pm-1pm (central)
16-Dec 12pm-1pm (central)