IO/Finance Reading Group

Schedule: Thursday, 12:15pm to 1:30pm.

Dates Time Papers Speakers
16-Mar 12pm-1:15pm (central) Cultivating Market Power with Patent Litigation (JMP) Mark Rempel
25-Mar 12:15pm-1:30pm (central) April Meehl
1-Apr 12pm-1:15pm (central) Commit not to Compete: Collusion vs. Liquidity Sharing in Interbank Markets (joint with Dean Corbea) Michael Gofman
8-Apr 12pm-1:15pm (central) Bewley Banks (Jamilov  and Monacelli) Jamilov
15-Apr 12pm-1:15pm (central) Financing as a supply chain: The capital structure of banks and borrowers (Gornall and Strebulaev) Yuhan Shin
22-Apr 12pm-1:15pm (central) The Fragility of Market Risk Insurance (Koijen and Yogo)
29-Apr 12pm-1:15pm (central) A Q-Theory Of Banks (Begenau et al.) Kuan Liu
6-May 12pm-1:15pm (central) The aggregate demand for treasury debt (Krishnamrthy and Vissing-Jorgensen) Jason Choi
13-May 12pm-1:15pm (central) Bid Shading and Bidder Surplus in the US Treasury Auction System (Horatcsu, Kastl and Zhang) Diwakar Raisingh
20-May 12pm-1:15pm (central)  Learning by Trading: the case of the US market for municipal bonds (Brancaccio et al.)
27-May 12pm-1:15pm (central) Institutional Corporate Bond Demand (Bretscher et al.)
3-Jun 12pm-1:15pm (central) The Value of “New” and “Old” Intermediation in Online Debt Crowdfunding,  (Nicola Pavanini, Fabio Braggion, Alberto Manconi, and Haikun Zhu)
10-Jun 12pm-1:15pm (central) SELECTION, LEVERAGE, AND DEFAULT IN THE MORTGAGE MARKET (Gupta and Hansman)
17-Jun 12pm-1:15pm (central) TBD Eric Richert
24-Jun 12pm-1:15pm (central) TBD
1-Jul 12pm-1:15pm (central) TBD